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Swimwear Spin Dryer Bamiko

Dries swimsuit faster than the Sun

Swimwear-spin-dryer-ocean Swimwear-spin-dryer-whirpool Swimwear-spin-dryer-blue-ral-5017 Swimwear-spin-dryer-white-ral-9003

Swimsuit dryer


Swimsuit dryer


Swimsuit dryer

Blue RAL 5017

Swimsuit dryer

White RAL 9003

Swimwear-spin-dryer-light-wood Swimwear-spin-dryer-dark-wood Swimwear-spin-dryer-stone-wall Swimwear-spin-dryer-custom-made

Swimsuit dryer

Light wood

Swimsuit dryer

Dark wood

Swimsuit dryer

Stone wall

Custom made

color / design

News - water container!

Would you like to install the swimwear spin dryer but you do not have a waste connection or drain close to the place of installation?

No problem! With our new water container, this problem is solved. The water container is made from high quality chemically resistant stainless steel and is installed onto the wall right underneath the dryer. Since it has the same dimensions and looks like the dryer, it creates a harmonic group.

Due to the side handles, manipulation with the container is really easy and the 13-liter capacity is enough for one day use of the dryer.

The container is available in blue (RAL 5017) and white (RAL 9003) colors. Other colors and designs are on request.

Nadoba-na-vodu-ral-9003-1 Odstredivky-s-bilou-nadobou1 Odstredivky-s-modrou-nadobou1 Nadoba-na-vodu-ral-5017-1

About us

Company Bamiko s.r.o. is a Czech company that specializes in Swimwear Spin Dryers manufacturing. Bamiko company follows the trend and helps to improve quality standards by offering a high quality, reliable and appealing product for every modern establishment.

We are currently looking for distributors across Europe. If interested, please contact us.

Why choose our Swimwear Spin Dryer?

  • our swimwear dryer can extract up to 95 % of water from the swimsuit in just 10 seconds
  • it is made from a high quality passivated stainless steel and durable plastic
  • it is the only swimwear spin dryer on the market that allows you to choose from a vast selection of appealing designs, therefore it fully adapts to your needs
  • the swimsuit spin dryer is very easy to install (230 V power socket and wastewater drain), easy to use and maintenance takes just a few minutes
  • it has extremely low operating costs (power 280 W) and it can significantly increase safety and lifespan of your establishment (less water on the floor and in the changing rooms)
  • our swimsuit dryer is really safe and the drum could never spin when the lid is opened, it is in compliance with every standards and regulation and ready to serve your needs
  • the swimsuit spin dryer uses a durable engine which spins at more than 2800 rpm, therefore the water extraction is extremely effective, yet still gentle to the swimsuit

Who is the Swimwear Spin Dryer for?

  • for every swimming pool and aquapark, installing the bathing suit dryer will decrease the amount of water on the floor and leave your customers satisfied  
  • for every hotel and wellness center, by using the swimwear dryer your guests will never have to dry their swimsuit in the room or pack wet swimwear inside the luggage
  • for every spa facility, spa visitors and patients find drying the bathing suit in the bathing suit spin dryer extremely useful and beneficial
  • for outdoor/natural swimming pools, as long as the swimwear dryer is installed indoors 
  • for every household with an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, with an indoor installation
  • and for every other place where swimwear drying is needed


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