. PE water container | BAMIKO

Technical parameters

  • product name: PE water container
  • available colors: grey/blue
  • dimensions: 350 x 290 x 250 mm (width x depth x height)
  • weight: 2,5 kg
  • material: PE
  • capacity: 18 liters of water
  • way of using: the PE water container is emptied manually


  • PE water container is installed onto the wall using a wall bracket
  • the wall bracket is installed using 4 wall fixings and screws that are supplied and the PE water container is hanged onto it
  • the swimwear dryer's drain hose is inserted into the hole in the PE water container and is shorten as needed

Connection to the water container

You can connect the drain hose to a water container that is installed on the wall underneath the dryer.  The capacity of the water container is 18 liters of water and it needs to be emptied manually.

After installation of the dryer and the water container shorten the drain hose so that it extends 5 - 10 cm below the top of the water container. Pull the drain hose through the hole in the water container, this way the drain hose will stay in place.

This installation is ONLY possible on walls that can hold at least 50 kg of weight.


The installation process with the water container