. Swimwear spin dryer | BAMIKO

Technical parameters 

  • product name: Swimwear spin dryer Bamiko
  • type and model: OD-100/B250-1
  • dimensions: 350 x 300 x 555 mm (width x depth x height)
  • weight: 22 kg
  • total power: 0,28 kW
  • voltage: 1N~230V/50-60Hz
  • cycle time: 10 s
  • capacity: 1 swimsuit

Safety features

  • safety electromagnetic brake
  • safety mechanical end switch
  • built-in RCD and 5A fuse
  • bristle ring protecting the swimwear
  • advance mechanical protection preventing water damage
  • stops automatically when the drum is overweigh

Where and how to instal the product?


What will I need?

A suitable Masonry drill with a drill bit (8 mm in diameter)
Spirit level and tape meter 2 meters long
Marker pen
7 x wall fixings 8 x 50 mm – supplied
7 x stainless steel screw 5 x 60 mm – supplied

Suitable place

Power socket or power connection nearby.

Waste outlet or drain the floor for the extracted water nearby. Alternatively, you can use a water container (optional).

Dry or slightly humid environment, with ambient temperature bellow 35°C, 2 - 3 meters from a place where water can splash 

It can not obstruct the free passage. 

Solid wall that can hold at least 30 kg of weight (50 kg when using a water container).

Installation process

The product is installed onto the wall using supplied brackets, wall fixings, and screws.

Drill 6 holes into the wall, fit the wall fixings, alight the wall bracket with the holes, make sure it is level and tighten it securely using the screws.

Place the dryer onto the bracket and install a securing bracket underneath the dryer.

Mark and drill 1 hole for the securing bracket, fit the wall fixing and tighten it using a screw.

How to dispose of the extracted water?


Connection to a waste line 

A - Power cord - length 2.5 m

B - Drain hose - length 0.7 m

Inner diameter 25 mm

Outer diameter 31 mm

Shorten the drain hose according to your needs. The drain hose must not be bent or twisted and it must always slope down to provide adequate water disposal. Not following this instruction, could leave to insufficient flow of water which could cause unpleasant smell and damage to the product


Connection to a floor drain

The drain hose can be connected or placed near a floor drain.

Shorten the drain hose according to your needs. The drain hose must be placed in such a way that it does not create an obstacle for people walking by.

In case the drain hose is placed in the vicinity of the floor drain, we recommend cutting the hose at an angle of 45° to maintain the free flow of water and prevent blockage.

This connection is recommended ONLY in places, where people expect water on the floor.



Connection to a water container

You can connect the drain hose to a water container that is installed on the wall underneath the dryer.  The capacity of the water container is 18 liters of water and it needs to be emptied manually.

After installation of the dryer and the water container shorten the drain hose so that it extends 5 - 10 cm below the top of the water container. Pull the drain hose through the hole in the water container, this way the drain hose will stay in place.

This installation is ONLY possible on walls that can hold at least 50 kg of weight.



Installation of the product with a water container

How to connect the dryer to electricity?

Swimwear spin dryer can be supplied in two specifications:

  • Power cord with a plug type E/F, length of the cable approximately 2.5 meters
  • Power cord without a plug, length of the cable approximately 2.5 meters

After installation of the product to the wall, connect the dryer to the power socket or directly to the power (L – live wire – brown, N – neutral wire – blue, PE – ground wire – green/yellow). All electronic connections must be done by a qualified electrician and in accordance with all applicable local electric codes and regulations.

Is it possible to connect the dryer to a coin machine/chip system?


The swimwear spin dryer is ready to be connected to a coin machine/chip system. You can connect it to any system that you are using right now or that is available in your location as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • timer that can be set for 20 seconds and that switches on after inserting a coin / introducing a chip to the reader.
  • Connecting the system with the swimwear spin dryer using a 2-wire cable with potential free signal (recommended wire diameter 2 x 1 mm).
  • We recommend using system with such a voltage to ensure safety of operation. The system must be in compliance with all applicable local electric codes and regulations.