. Token Timer CM 100 | BAMIKO

Technical parameters

  • product name: Token timer Bamiko
  • type and model: CM 100, TOKEN
  • dimensions: 176 x 110 x 268 mm (width x depth x height)
  • weight: 3 kg
  • total power: 1 W
  • voltage: 5 VDC / 0,2 A
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • material: AISI 304
  • cycle time: 20 seconds
  • token box capacity: 350 tokens


  • after inserting a token, a 20 seconds cycle when the swimwear dryer can be used starts
  • after inserting another token the time is increased by another 20 seconds up to the limit of 80 seconds
  • the integrated digital display shows the remaining time of the cycle
  • the token timer can be temporarily disengaged to operate the swimwear dryer free of charge
  • the integrated token counter can show how many people used the token timer
  • the token box is located inside the token timer behind a lockable door
  • features signalization of full token box
  • it is connected to the swimwear dryer with just one cable


  • the token timer can be installed at the same places as the swimwear dryer
  • we recommend placing the token timer to the left or to the right of the swimwear dryer so that the top edge is 140 cm from the floor
  • the token timer is installed onto the wall using 3 supplied wall fixings and screws
  • 5-core cable that leads out of the bottom left side of the token timer is connected into the motherboard of the swimwear dryer
  • the token timer is powered from the swimwear dryer (supplied transformer is installed in the RCD box)